2017 Enrollment Opens in February
(Closes when enrollment reaches 55)

Admission Process

  1. Complete and submit student admission form*. 1st year only - students will be notified of acceptance within 3 business weeks. Maximum class size is 55 students and applications are processed in order of receipt.
  2. Upon notification of acceptance into school, complete the enrollment form which includes tuition payment and processing by May 1. The enrollment form is processed through CUpassport. First time visitors will be asked for email and password.
  3. Once accepted, enrollment form completed  and tuition paid - all 1st year and returning 2nd and 3rd year students must complete the demographic & housing form as the final process of registration annually. (This is where you let SCMS staff know if you have any suitemate preferences.)

SCMS Scholarship - Awards will be announced in May and sent directly to the recipient's credit union.

c2c Scholarship - opportunity for all 1st year, summer 2017 students under the age of 35 as of July 1, 2017. No application necessary.

Click here for advance notice of open enrollment for the 2017 summer session or any questions.

TCU Neeley School of Business