Southwest CUNA Management School (SCMS) Invites Applications from Credit Union Association & League Member Credit Union Professionals!


Students (All student credit unions must be affiliated with their state association or league.)

  • 1st Year Student Application
    • Maximum class size is 55 students.
    • Complete an enrollment form after receiving notice of acceptance.
  • All Students
    • Enrollment form
      • Includes tuition payment either by credit card or Southwest Bridge Corporate Credit Union account
      • Scholarships awarded through the SCMS Scholarship process are be paid directly to the student credit union. Awards are based on number of applicants, total dollars available, and applicant need. The awards are announced the later part of May.
    •  Student housing & demographics form (all students complete after submitting enrollment form - this is where you let SCMS staff know if you have any roommate preferences)

Admission Process



SCMS Scholarship Application – Awards will be announced in May and sent directly to the recipient’s credit union.


c2c Scholarship opportunity for all 2011 students under the age 30 as of July 1, 2011. No application necessary.)






















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