Special Needs

In order to accommodate SCMS students who have special dietary, medical, or physical needs or concerns, please fill in the form below so that the proper arrangements may be made.

Special needs examples:

  • Dietary (vegetarian, diabetic, low sodium, does not eat red meat)
  • Physical (on special medication, crutches, wheel chair)
  • Other (anything else SCMS administration should be aware of in case of an emergency)
Please indicate:

First Name 
Last Name 
CU or Organization Name 
Daytime Phone  
Important, to best serve you, this form needs to be completed no later than Friday, June 16. If you have any questions, contact Cookie Dorsey at cdorsey@scms.coop, 1-800-442-5762 Ext. 6635 or 469-385-6635.
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