Joe MannionJust an update; I have given a number of presentations to individual groups and a presentation to the board of the mobile banking project, as I presented it at SCMS in July. This evening the board of directors unanimously voted full funding of the project. I will be signing contracts tomorrow and we will be on our way toward rolling out the mobile banking project I had shared with you and our class in my project and presentation! Thank you again for all the encouragement and the experience of SCMS!

Joe E. Mannion, VP of IT, Union Square FCU


International student featured in Credit Union Newz (September 2005) - the official newsletter of the New Zealand Association of Credit Unions. Click here for full article.

Gavin Earle, Credit Union Baywide (Class of 2006)

Nothing in my previous college education, or numerous seminars attended was as helpful to my managerial education as the Southwest CUNA Management School.

Dale E. Kimble, DATCU (Class of 1992)
12/2005 Appointed to Texas Credit Union Commission

"When I decided to return to SCMS after 20 years, there were many (especially SCMS Alums) who asked me, Are you crazy?!? At first, I thought the school would be easy since I had attended once before. I soon realized the school was much more challenging than I had anticipated. The industry had changed dramatically in 20 years. The second time around I appreciated the broad-based management level education. I challenge other alumni to consider returning. I also developed relationships with a new group of peers on whom I can call or depend upon at any time for any reason."

Sandy Smith, Texas FCU (Class of 1984 & 2004)

"The greatest benefit from the school is that you begin to think, live, and breathe in terms of strategic planning, and you have the tools to put strategic planning to use. Your thought process becomes a reflection of the education you receive at the school, and you, in turn become a more valued employee for your credit union."

Steve Rasmussen, FAA CU (Class of 1991)

"Before I enrolled in SCMS, I expected the value would come from the curriculum. I did not anticipate the value I would find in networking for both myself and the credit union. The school didn't disappoint me! I was overwhelmed by the value of what I learned (and am still learning) from fellow Credit Union professionals. A number of them have turned into good friends."

Tim McCoy, Texans CU (Class of 1999)

SCMS is an accomplishment that I am extremely proud of, being a SCMS graduate in a field that helps so many people is an goal well worth achieving. The classes taught me how to properly meet the needs of our members in a way that is in their best interest. The knowledge I have gained is something I can carry with me throughout my career. We work in a dynamic field. Our members own us. Ensuring their best interest is a must! This school has enabled me to do just thatmake sure my members come first!

Chris Chelette, CCUE, CENLA FCU (Class of 2005)

"While I've always had a passion for credit unions, Southwest CUNA Management School is what helped me understand the tools and education needed to manage a credit union. Without CUNA School, neither my career nor my credit union would have enjoyed the success we have experienced. CUNA School helped provide the tools and vision I needed, as well as life long friends I could rely on."

Gary Davis, Chocolate Bayou Community FCU (Class of 1983)

TCU Neeley School of Business

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