HBR's Create an Effective Presentation Video

Nick Morgan, CEO of Public Words, explains five key steps to engage any audience.

To view the video, click here.

Dr. Bob's Notes Regarding the Video

This is exactly the same stuff I teach in the course just packaged slightly differently. He places more emphasis on story but that is the same thing as creating any interesting opening. When you break his five steps down, it is

  1. Get their attention
  2. Describe the problem
  3. Offer your solution
  4. Ask for action.

Whoa. Since public speaking courses back to the early 1900's have been saying that and he is right.

One residual aspect of this video is his presentational manner. I think that he is an excellent example of how to stand in front of the group and present. Therefore, I would add to the description of the link that folks should note how he presents as it is a reasonably good model.

And, by the way, if you break his speech down, he follows his advice and doing that analysis as an exercise by the students is not a bad test for viewers to grasp where he transitioned from point to point so they see each one of his points.

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