Nathan Ashworth, CUDE - SCMS Class of 2017
Nathan Ashworth

Texas City, Texas

My credit union journey began in 2004 by starting my first credit union job, unaware that I had actually started my lifelong career.  I am proud to continue my career with AMOCO Federal Credit Union, the organization that ignited and continues to fuel my passion for the Credit Union Movement and our collective impact on our members and communities.

The experiences throughout my years of service, from front line operations to technology management in the financial services industry, are among my proudest accomplishments. I believe in the Credit Union Movement and our noble mission to improve the lives of our communities through support and guidance to financial wellness.

The Southwest CUNA Management School and the Credit Union Development Educator programs were instrumental in my ability to be a properly purposed and effective member of the AMOCO team.  

My sincerest thanks to the SCMS and NCUF staff, AMOCO FCU and all of my mentors and peers in the Credit Union Movement community for your endless support and guidance.

TCU Neeley School of Business