Prospective Students
SCMS Class of 2010
SCMS Class of 2010

Southwest CUNA Management School (SCMS) is recognized in the credit union movement for innovative, intense, hands-on, professional development. It is:

  • A program designed specifically to develop and enhance leadership skills
  • An institution - over 40 years of management education
  • A source of professional networking and life-long relationships
  • Commitment – 3 year course of study
  • Challenge – developing a real-life strategic plan for your credit union
  • Educational cornerstone for over 1000 credit union professionals

Students attend classes over three consecutive summers and two mid-year sessions. In addition to on-site sessions, students complete a strategic plan during the three-year period.

Benefits of attending SCMS

  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Broadened Perspective
  • Applied Knowledge
  • Powerful Network
  • Strategic Resources
  • Professional Presence

Top 10 Reasons to Attend SCMS

10)  Two weeks of good old college days, roommates, sharing food and laughing.

9)   Seeing how many days it takes to find the Starbucks on Campus.

8)   Having an opportunity to receive information on a broad array of topics.

7)   "Real World" challenges/topics presented in class settings, which you can take back and actually apply in your daily operations.

6)   Free Fitness course as you find your way between the dorm, dining and classroom locations.

5)   Prime opportunity to do what credit unions do best - share ideas, exchange processes, and learn from each other.

4)   Network, Network, Network, Network!

3)   ALM training that ensures you will be able to hold your own under pressure.

2)   You'll learn that call reports are not cell phone bills.

1)   Prepares you for a life long career in the credit union movement!

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