SCMS Class of 2019

Pre-Arrival Assignment

Read Paid to Think: A Leader's Toolkit for Redefining Your Future by David Goldsmith -  (Recommend obtaining an electronic version of the book.)

  • Minimum reading - Chapters 1-3, 8, 11 & 13.  (The book is designed for each chapter to stand alone and does not need to be read in sequence.)

Post to David’s Forums as assigned prior to July 1.

  • Post to David’s Forums (the faster you start participating the more opportunity you have to learn and get to know each other) - Two professional postings for each assigned chapter:
    1. Create a new topic about something you've read about in Paid to THINK.  This can be a concept or a tool. We'd like to know what you think, how it's worked, have you seen the lesson elsewhere, how might you apply the concept to your job, even if you completely disagree with the chapter content (just stay professional as you post), etc.
    2. Comment on someone else's topic post (from any SCMS Class). Consider how you can add value to the conversation (growing, collaborating and challenging each other).

Class Officers

  • Will be elected during the 2017 SCMS Summer Session
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