Presentation Schedule

Class of 2016 - 3rd Year Students
Monday, July 11

After registering for school, paying tuition, and John Vardallas has approved the entire project, email SCMS Director, Janine McBee, the top three choices for the group and time preferred for your presentation:

  • Minimum 20 to maximum 25 minute presentations, plus Q&A.
  • Should groups finish early, classroom hours are part of accreditation. Course time will be used to discuss ideas, lessons and challenges related to class presentations.
  • Schedule and group facilitators are subject to change.
  • See instructions after the schedule regarding sending a copy of your project (not presentation) to your group facilitator.

Credit Union Strategic Issues Student Presentation Groups



Millie Mayaka

Dean Borland


9:00 am

Whitney Loe CU Direct

Marcus Davis Caprock CU

Alison Wolf FAA ECU

Michelle George Abilene
Teachers FCU

9:30 am Patty Brennan Cy-Fair FCU

Elesa Parsons  TECU CU

Michelle Still

Jackie Smith Scurry County School FCU

10:00 am

Jill Sandberg
Neches FCU

Scott Snyder Shamrock FCU

Danna Thompson Pine FCU

Gail Rose Sweetwater Regional CU

10:30 am





10:45 am

Joy Meyers Community Resource CU

William Duke
Southwest 66 CU

Jenny Hamilton Tarrant County's CU

Mark Vinson
First Community CU

11:15 am

Tanya Lawrence Neighbors FCU

Keisha Smith
Mobiloil CU

Stephen Lark  Communication FCU

Jennifer Key Shared Resources CU

11:45 am





1:00 pm

Angelica Moynahan Energy Capital CU

Heather Stith Tinker FCU

Mike Moyer
Red Crown CU

Dustin Fuller
Members Choice FCU

1:30 pm

Heather McWethy Houston FCU /  ASG

Steve Jones Brazos Velley Schools CU

Preston Mechling
Tinker FCU

Stacie Preston AMOCO FCU

2:00 pm

Shawna Orona Southwest 66 CU

Kasey Wasserleben
Tinker FCU

Mark Garza
Valley FCU

Carol Martinez Border FCU

2:30 pm


Break Break Break

2:45 pm

Maria Diaz Southwest Heritage CU


Niles Walters Southwest Airlines FCU

Melissa McVay
White Sands FCU

3:15 pm

Andrew Meese
First Community CU


Randy Soliz

Brandy Hawkins Texas Plains FCU

3:45  pm





4:10 pm






Once your presentation group has been confirmed, please send a - complete - hard copy of your project to your team leader for receipt no later than June 7.

  • If you are in John's group, this does not apply, as he already has your project.
  • Dean Borland & Howard Bufe – Mail to:
    Credit Union Resources, Inc.
    6801 Parkwood Blvd Ste 300
    Plano TX 75024
    Dean - 469.385.6627
    Howard - 469.385.6820

  • Millie Mayaka – Mail to:
    InTouch CU
    5640 Democracy Dr
    Plano TX 75024

How many final copies of your project do you need?

  • A minimum of one to give your credit union and one to keep.
  • The copy your group session leader receives will be returned after your presentation. (If you are in John's group, bring a copy for his reference during your presentation.
  • The copy of your project that was submitted to John for final review will be available for pick up in the SCMS staff office on campus.

If you have project sections you are proud of and able to share, please email the sections to Janine. She is looking for copies in Word or Excel format and will confirm with you before using any for student sample purposes.


Practice before class to be sure that you don't exceed the time limit. Be sure you have your thoughts together. Be realistic! Dress professionally. Don’t read the material (your audience tends to have a VERY limited attention span!). Keep the material interesting! Go through the full presentation several times before the presentation date!

Think about what questions your identified audience might have and be prepared to answer them.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops and have a back up of their presentations. Consider downloading all of the presentations for your group onto onc laptop. A projector, clicker, and podium will be provided.

If planning to use a multi-media style presentation, be prepared should something go wrong. Student still responsible for delivering the message within the allotted time.

When you are not presenting, take your role as an audience member seriously.

  • If you were in your classmate’s environment, what might you want to know?
  • What questions do you have about the issue presented?
  • Do the recommendations sound important and reasonable for the credit union? 

In the event a group finishes early, please remain in the area in support of your other classmates until all presentations are complete.

TCU Neeley School of Business