Top 10 Reasons to Attend SCMS

10)  Two weeks of good old college days, roommates, sharing food and laughing.

9)   Seeing how many days it takes to find the Starbucks on Campus.

8)   Having an opportunity to receive information on a broad array of topics.

7)   "Real World" challenges/topics presented in class settings, which you can take back and actually apply in your daily operations.

6)   Free Fitness course as you find your way between the dorm, dining and classroom locations.

5)   Prime opportunity to do what credit unions do best - share ideas, exchange processes, and learn from each other.

4)   Network, Network, Network, Network!

3)   ALM training that ensures you will be able to hold your own under pressure.

2)   You'll learn that call reports are not cell phone bills.

1)   Prepares you for a lifelong career in the credit union movement!

TCU Neeley School of Business