Nicole Welch, Application Support Analyst - IT at Union Square CU

By investing in an experienced IT professional with a BBA in Management Information Systems, Union Square Credit Union will further advance an innovative team leader. USCU can expect positive ROI from the skills I continue to learn at SCMS. The school is well respected by my colleagues and several in senior management have graduated. Having a common pool of knowledge with our senior staff will promote sound and strong business judgment for years to come. I intend to zestfully follow the industry-precedent example CUs have set in utilization of technology. I've enjoyed serving leadership roles in academic and local arenas. SCMS can open my eyes, turn my ideas into tactical action plans to implement, to make an impact for the real-world CU difference. My mentors are SCMS alums: Mr. Wayne Mansur, Mr. Jeff Gladu, Mrs. Karen Schreiber

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