SCMS Team - Administration, Committees & Faculty

Administration & Strategy Team

  • Janine McBee, CMM, CUDE, honorary alum
    SCMS Director, Cornerstone League
  • Tamra Gaines, CMM, CUDE
    Vice President, Experiences & Events, Cornerstone League
  • Amber Bailey
    Education Manager, Experiences & Events, Cornerstone League

Core Strategy, Faculty, and Evaluator Team

  • Robert Hamer, chief strategist and evaluator
    retired president/CEO, Mobiloil CU
  • Eric Mangham, financial management strategist and evaluator
    CFO, Arkansas FCU 
  • John Vardallas, CAE, CUDE, chief strategist and evaluator
    Founder/CEO of
    Co-Founder and Editor of “Today’s BoomeR” Digital Magazine 
  • Brian Hamilton, lending 
    President, CU Direct Connect
  • Amy Herbig, branding 
    CEO, The BA Group
  • Anne Legg, data analytics 
    Founder, THRIVE Strategic Services 
    Author of Big Data/Big Climb: A credit union playbook for leveraging data and talent to achieve revolutionary member relationships
  • Lily Newfarmer, Class of 1999, I-CUDE, mentor
    President/CEO, Tarrant County’s CU 
  • Jeff Rendel, CSP, adaptive leadership 
    President, Rising Above Enterprises
  • Suzanne Yashewski, advocacy and compliance strategist
    Cornerstone League

Faculty, Academic Advisors & Campus Liaisons - Texas Christian University

  • Brandon Chicotsky. Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing, Texas Christian University, Neeley School of Business
  • Shannon Shipp, Ph.D., CEA, MAFF
    Associate Professor, Texas Christian University, Neeley School of Business

Faculty Team

  • Amanda Dawson
    Business Operations Consultant, Cornerstone Resources
  • Chris Gill
    Senior Manager, Risk & Compliance Solutions, CUNA Mutual Group
  • Troy Hall, Ph.D.
    Chief Strategy Officer, South Carolina Federal Credit Union
    Author of Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent
  • Michael Kloiber
    President/CEO, Tinker FCU
  • Carlos Molina
    Senior Consultant, Risk and Compliance Solutions, CUNA Mutual Group
  • Michael Petrone
    Risk Management Consultant, Risk and Compliance Solutions, CUNA Mutual Group
  • Jim Phelps, CAE
    EVP and Chief Advocacy Officer, Cornerstone League
  • Craig A. Piercy, BSEE, MBA, PHD
    Director, Online Master of Business and Technology Program
    Department of MIS, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia
  • Dave Rosenberg, CPBA | CPDFA
    Speaker, Business Coach, Locked On Leadership
    Author of Locked on Leadership: The Tactical Business Guide to Creating a Culture of Consistency, Courage and Caring
  • Sam Taft
    AVP of Analytics, Callahan & Associates
  • Tim Taylor
    VP of Advisory Services, Callahan & Associates
  • Christopher Uhl, CMA, MOSM
    Senior ALM Consultant, Catalyst Corporate
  • Mark Sievewright
    Founder and CEO, Sievewright & Associates
    Co-author of Digital Live with Guillermo Kopp
  • Mark Wert
    Senior Advisor, Strategic Solutions, Catalyst Corporate


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