Why Attend?

SCMS is a three-year experience that provides applied leadership and credit union-focused learning for top-level executive development.

A leader’s capacity for success in their role is the result of talent combined with intentional development. Southwest Credit Union Management School supports leaders with an immersive curriculum that builds industry-specific competencies over three years:

Year 1

Personal Brand > Core Communication > Foundation Operations > Cultural Awareness

Year 2

Strategic Thinking > Influential Communication > Applied Operations > Team Empowerment

Year 3

Community Impact > Executive Readiness > Strategic and Innovation > Organizational Transformation


Graduates of the prestigious SCMS program will be equipped with the ability to make operational decisions, have strategic insight, and create community impact that our credit unions need now and into the future. 

What's in it for the STUDENT?

Students will enjoy high-level online academic programs that have direct credit union applications. They will gain opportunities to network and learn side-by-side with current and future credit union leaders and the school's highly acclaimed faculty. 

  • Self-paced learning through microlearning modules to complete within a specified period.
  • Instructor-led in-person, live-virtual, and pre-recorded courses.
  • Independent and collaborative assignments.
  • A variety of opportunities to connect, engage, and grow professional networks.

What's in it for the ORGANIZATION?

The future of the credit union movement relies on attracting, engaging, and retaining thought leaders. SCMS is about investing in the future. We invite credit union industry executives to invest in the future of the rising leaders at your organization. 

  • Connect your rising leaders to a phenomenal credit union network.
  • Collaborate with your student(s) as work is done to advance leadership skill sets, expand resources, and develop strategies to grow your organization.
SCMS leaders

Shaping Leaders

SCMS alumni hold leadership positions at their credit unions, in their local chapters, and with community-based organizations. They also serve as league directors and more throughout the credit union movement. 




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Curriculum Overview

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Student Experience

Student Experience

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